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14-Jan-2018 05:35

The concept of student loan consolidation is simple: you apply for one large loan which will be used to pay off all your existing student loans.

That single loan will be easier to manage, because you’ll only make one monthly payment, and because it has a longer term than your old loans that payment will be smaller than the sum of your current payments.

Most people do this to reduce the interest rate on their debt, to bring down their monthly payment amount or to reduce the number of companies they owe money to.

Debt consolidation can be a useful strategy in some situations but for many it can involve extra costs, and potentially makes a difficult situation much worse.

For example, if you have balances on three different credit cards, you could get a debt consolidation loan to pay off all the balances (and then ideally cut up the old credit cards).

It's important to check all of the other options available and make sure you're making the right choice.

That's why it's best to get expert debt advice before taking out a consolidation loan.

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