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Many recent studies involve Internet-based social networking supported by social software.Scholars from a variety of fields study phenomena that can be described under the umbrella term of computer mediated communication (CMC) (see also Internet studies).The way humans communicate in professional, social, and educational settings varies widely, depending upon not only the environment but also the method of communication in which the communication occurs, which in this case is through computers or other information and communication technologies (ICTs).The study of communication to achieve collaboration—common work products—is termed computer-supported collaboration and includes only some of the concerns of other forms of CMC research.Admin, Aiza05, alexsioson, amoj, andresjoaquin20, arishiel, audreamer05, bcondepascua, Budoy, cheesyfiona, chucky, cliffhanger82, cme, Diana__Jane, diezewsoh, dreamer111114, dval, eking, engineer20, fgs, glitch88, , hopeful_persistent, Hunter_08, jangjaca, jazmyne18, jtm, Krisdi, levimervin, lyn24, madam A, Maia87, Mike Yanbu, MLBS, MP1984, mzjhwztlph, nashmacoy101, nikx, Noodles12, phdaileg, princesslai, rainybrainy, rj09, ronpaul, shielalables, shrinx29, Sophie Maddie38, squinx22, tenshigayle, xylocke sweetdent, lasombrapequena, rachevirgo, phils005, jedh_g, zay003, Aliufinancialcompany, jay_el, dengbadeng, Iva Oldham5, ibug, ankitgupta1628, Jesus Macdo, pmagss, Pearl Pegue, Frances Kei, ecnerual829643, celestialpearl, swirlycurly, yasarella, mvcuenco, clocknic6, driftmachine888, shippine8, meahj28, lifthandle25, terewizard, lookwaste3, chairnoodle74, whalepruner2, Pam Tomczak, Edison Matt, Makeda Crose Pinoy Australia Information Forum was founded by a small group of Filipinos whose aim is to migrate to Australia.It is now a leading online Filipino-Australian community site for Filipinos in Australia and a valuable resource for people also planning to migrate to Australia.and the various sociolects, styles, registers or sets of terminology specific to these environments (see Leet).The study of language in these contexts is typically based on text-based forms of CMC, and is sometimes referred to as "computer-mediated discourse analysis".

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These studies have often focused on the differences between online and offline interactions, though contemporary research is moving towards the view that CMC should be studied as embedded in everyday life .plus they get bathed, fed and get told stories of when you were young.