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18-Dec-2017 09:36

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If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, would He really create a world like this? Yes I know, he fixed it later with surrendering to Him. I don’t recommend it at all —I am so disappointed in everyone who had a hand in producing, directing, and starring in this film.(filled with oppression, suffering, death and cruelty) Answer Do you understand God’s Story? I wanted to see the film because I heard that one of my favorite Christian artist/songwriters had a hand in the project. The other thing is that Miles, the real one, comes driving a Lamborghini to church and shows off all dressed up in white and yes, he is the music director of the church is just the wrong way to shop where his heart is (material things dominates his heart). It sends the wrong message to the youth, that this behavior is all right.

Soap operas might be a dying format, but they still had a surprisingly strong showing on this list, with nine characters coming from serial dramas; five from US daytime and four from as far away as the UK and Germany.According to X17, Justin picked her up in his 0,000 baby blue Ferrari before taking her to Beverly Hills restaurant Bouchon.