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The maximum age of credit documents shall be no more than 120 days old on the date the note is signed for all mortgage loans (for existing construction and for new construction).

Credit documents include credit reports and employment, income and asset documentation. Transactions involving one or more borrowers who have entered into a short refinance or restructured debt on the subject property, as described below, will require a 24 months on-time payment history after the event occurred.

May be considered owner-occupants if a member of the immediate family is a borrower and will occupy the subject property as a primary residence, even if the individual serving in the military is stationed elsewhere.

Allowable Attorneys-in-Fact or Agents Under a Power of Attorney None of the following persons connected to a purchase or rate/term transaction shall sign the security instrument or note as the attorney-in-fact or agent under a Power of Attorney, unless the attorney-in-fact is a relative of the borrower’s (as defined below): As used herein, the borrower’s relative includes the borrower’s spouse, child, or other dependent, or by any other individual who is related to the borrower by blood, marriage, adoption, or legal guardianship, or a person who is a fiancé, fiancée, or domestic partner of the borrower.

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However, Photoshop Elements is available for both i OS and Windows devices, while Paint Shop Pro is a Windows-only program.

Apple is extending its continuity effort by introducing a Universal Clipboard in i OS 10, so you can copy text or images from your i Phone and immediately paste them on your Mac.