Dating domestic violence stories sex dating in bluford illinois

30-Dec-2017 23:52

People who have not been abused by an intimate partner often say that if their partner ever abused them they certainly would leave. Domestic violence victims/survivors are not always passive – they are employing survival techniques every day to protect themselves & their children – everything short of leaving.

Staying in or returning to an abusive relationship is a complex decision that may be a very rational survival mechanism.

I thought I could give him a second chance and he would change but that was a mistake.

We dated off and on for three years because I though he was the best I could get. When he would shoot up he would hurt me, choke me, hit me and would tell me if I didn’t do drugs with him he would put it in my arm for me.

Since her divorce, she has dated people, but has again experienced domestic violence.

She said she would be thrown and held down without her consent.

The abuser may be the father/mother of the victim's/survivor's children.