Dating sites for comic book geeks

21-Oct-2017 02:37

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A newly surfaced Microsoft patent filing proposes an online matchmaking service that would have users confidentially tell the system about their “private affinities” — stuff that might cause them shame if listed on their public profiles.

An algorithm would then analyze that secret information and quietly match people with similar “fringe interests.” And what do the Microsoft researchers use to illustrate their idea? The kind of stuff you might read about in a Dan Savage column?

“This stuff is big business,” says Bryan Pittard, a cofounder of Flame On! Mega Con is expected to generate million for the local economy. However, the community has definitely made its presence known, growing in visibility over the years.

Last year, the convention saw 80,000 attendees on its busiest day. Facebook, You Tube, dating sites and other online services tout gay Harry Potter fans, lesbian comic book girls, and many, many more subgroups to encounter at Mega Con.

10 through 12 for Mega Con, Central Florida’s massive multi-genre convention.

Expect elaborate costumes, miles of merchandise, tons of games and multitudes of meet-ups!

We're a dating site dedicated to helping you find love and long-lasting relationships in a safe and friendly environment regardless of your gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, political outlook, fetish, fandom, or otp.

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If you said that you were a gay geek, then I might instantly seek out your geek interests and search for a common interest that we could then dive into.”Digging into gay geek passions is why Pittard and four others cofounded the podcast Flame On!For example, an ambitious professional is not likely to divulge that he likes, say, comic books, even though quite true.